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  Pali’s Ballaleshwar is third Ganesh out of  total eight in "Ashtavinayak".  There are two lakes in front of the temple. In the innermost part of the temple, there is a three-feet Ganesh idol. Also there is a huge bell of made out of five metals. After victory of Vasai, Chimaji Appa brought bells of Church. One of them was dedicated to Ballaleshwar. Same kind of bells can be seen in Bhimashnkar. Left of Ballaleshwar temple there is a historical 'Sanrasgad'.  Fort lovers can reach there by two ways - via Ramali from the north Dewoolwadi and from the south. There are steps dug in stone on way to north side. At about half a kilometer you will see a fort door having two bastions. There is a lake which contains water all the year. But way from the south is more popular. There are 96 steps carved in stone. Though the steps are less in number, every step is one and half to two feet high and are very difficult to climb. From top of the fort which is 1300 feet high, Ameba river, Sudhagad, Karnala, Manikgad, Badrutin fort in Konkan and Korigad, Ghangad, Telbaillya,
Nagfani forts in ghat region can be seen. Tourist can see hot water Kundas near Pali, temple of Uddhar.
Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali, Dist Raigad Maharashtra is such deity that lacs of devotees throng from all over and make offerings. The deity is said to be famous for quick response to the prayers.

Kihim Beach is the most popular beach of Alibaug. It  is situated around 11 km from Alibaug and you can easily get an auto rickshaw  to drop you there.
Kihim Beach has shimmering white sand. But, The best part of this beach is its absolute safety as compared to some other beaches of Alibaug. The rocks all around the sea make sure that you are not pulled into the sea.
The first thing that hits you when you set your eyes  on Kihim is that you have seen it somewhere before. Don't worry. I will solve  that mystery right now! Most Hindi movies and Television serials have been shot  at Kihim If you are looking for a place available for film and  television shootings, Kihim Beach has fascinated most of the rich and  famous.

Nagaon  beach  is central place for surrounding other beaches like Murud, Kashid, Akshi, Alibaug, Kihim and Mandva. Still Nagaon beach is natural and beautiful due to coconut , betel and suru  trees. From Mumbai and pune neagaon beach is 100 km  through road and 60 km  from sea. Water sports is new additional entertainment is available at Nagaon beach. There are seven to eight types of boats are available as per tourist demand. Nagaon beach is safe for all   kinds of activities(Like Swimming, Boating) due to flat surface.

The Kashid, is a beach town on the shores of great Arabian Sea that is located in the konkanto the northern side of Maharashtra, India. The kashid beach is situated on the Alibag-Murud road and the kashid beach in Maharashtra is 30 Km away from the Alibaug and 135 km from the Mumbai.
 The Kashid, a beach town is popular for its white color sand, blue color seas, mountains with greenery, fields of paddy crop and deep rivulets. The kashid town stretches to the 3 km of kashid beach and this beach is placed between two hillocks with dense casuarinas groves placed all around the shore of sea. The kashid beach Maharashtra is best beach so far in the region of konkan, but remains absolutely deserted at weekdays. The kashid beach is famous to attract many holiday makers during weekend. The visitors to the kashid beach Maharashtra can find some small hotels as rest of the area is owned privately by the landlords of the town.

Mandwa is so beautiful, untrodden beach. On a clear day one can enjoy a long, breathtaking view across the bay, up to the Gateway of India. Mandwa village too, has a charm of its own with its beautiful groves of coconut palms. There is regular ferry service between the Gateway of India and Mandwa Jetty. For Kihim, one can take an auto-rickshaw or bus further onwards. It’s indeed a real joy and experience of nature’s beauty to have a time spend at Mandwa Beach.
Alibaug is the seat of District Administration of Raigad (formerly Kolaba) district since 1852. The name Kolaba is attributed to a Sea Fort Kolaba built by Shivaji the great, in 1680 to fight the mighty naval prowess of the Siddis' (Abyssenians) of Janjira and the British of Mumbai. Kolaba fort is famous for many battles, between Siddis and Kanhoji Angre, the British and the Portuguese. It's imposing Black Bassalt high walls are indicative of the significance of this fort. Legend has it that the Angre treasure used to be housed in it.
It is situated about 17 km away from Alibaug to Karlekhind – Chondi road.13 km from Alibaug in Northeast direction is this very famous Shiv temple on a 900 ft. high hill. It is a 5000 ft. long climb on well paved stairs, which takes around one hour. Landmarks along the route are tombs of Mohan Giri and Balgiri, Nagoba Rest, Jambhali Plateau, God's stair, Gaymandi etc. The fatigue of the uphill climb vanishes the moment one enters the scenic temple premises . It comprises various small temples of Sri Paleshwar, Sri Hanuman, Sri Balram Krishna and Lord Shiv. The special attraction is an ancient sweet water tank enclosed in traditional structure of black stone. The ancient temple was built by Raja Ramdeorai yadav. The height of the Shiv temple is 54 ft. The front gate has Lion sculpture on both sides with traditional lamp-pillar(deepmaal) in front. The 4 ft. long 'Pindi' of Lord Shiv is silver plated. The premises also include Nagaar-khana, Bheem Kunda, a garden for flowers to be offered to the Lord, Sri Ram Ganesh temple and Gomukha. Every year, there is a fair on Kartik Poornima in Hindu calendar. On this hill, a variety of herbs are found.
A quiet serene beach with alternate white and black sands, along a serene stretch of the Arabian coastline, adjacent to a village of Korlai Creole Portuguese speaking Indians. Just across the bridge, to the right there is Korlai fort within the sea and attached to the mainland by a narrow land strip through the Korlao fort through the Korlai Village. It is supposed to have been built by the Portuguese in 1521. The main gate has an inscription which means 'no entry without a fight'. The fort has seven gates, a sweet water well, a church in disuse, a Hindu temple and a Lighthouse.
Located about a mile from the main beach, home to a very large naval base. It is situated just on the outskirts of Alibaug. It is relatively less visited site and as a result is a quiet beach with sparkling white sand and cleaner seawater. Varsoli is a small satellite village across Alibaug, complete with thick vegetation of coconut and Casuarina.
It is situated 6 km away from Alibaug. It is a favorite spot for advertising, TV serial and film shoots. This beach is well suited for the children and ladies as the sea is flat for a long distance. One can walk through to a considerable distance towards the sea.

Kolaba (or Kulaba) fort (Not to be confused with Colaba in Mumbai) is situated in the sea at a distance of 1–2 km from the Alibaug shores. During low tide one can walk to the fort. This was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is assumed to be the last one that he built before his death. The fort used to have a sweet water well.
Tower of St. Barbara.(Satkhani Buruj)
Chaul is a historic town situated about 15 km away from Alibaug. It is famous for its Portuguese ruins, an old church, a synagogue, Buddhist caves, the Hamam Khana and a temple.
Vikram Vinayak Temple or Birla Temple, Salav is situated about 20 km away from Alibaug. On the way to Janjira, take the right fork to reach the Vikram Ispat industry. Going a bit ahead will lead one to the temple.
Karmarkar Museum: A museum of exquisite sculptures from the renowned sculptor Padmashri V.P. Karmarkar in Sasavne, about 18 km from Alibaug Bus Depot.
Kanhoji Angre Samadhi
Uma-Maheshwar temple
Balaji temple
Murud-Janjira : Janjira is a fort situated not very far from Alibaug. It was built by Siddi traders. Shivaji Maharaj failed to capture the fort from the Siddis. One can find fresh water pounds inside the fort even today.
Datta Mandir : situated at bhowale,2 km away from chaul
Hingulja Mandir : Situated near Datta Mandir, historic temple built by Pandwas.
Magnetic Observatory: Established in 1904 by the Indian Institute of Geomagnetism. Although after 26/11, the security has been tightened and access to the Observatory has been restricted. A written permission from the Panvel office of Indian Institute of Geomagnetism needs to be presented when entering the premises of the Observatory in Alibaug.
Korlai Fort and Korlai Creole Portuguese of Korlai village: Situated between Chaul and Kashid, a village of Indians born of Indo-Portuguese ancestors, speaking a unique creole of Portuguese and a fort lost in the sands of history. This fort was built in 1521 by the Portuguese with the permission of the Ahmednagar sultanate. In 1521, taking advantage of the confusion in the aftermath of the death of the Burhan Nizam the Portuguese tried to take over the fort. The fort is 2828 feet long, and its average breadth is eighty-nine feet. The enclosing wall is 5' 3" high and has 305 battlements for guns. It is entered by eleven gates - four are outer and seven are inner. At the north point, within pistol-shot of main battery is the water cistern named Santa Cruz - major source of water. The area within the fort walls is divided into three enclosures by two lines of bastioned fortifications. Each of the seven bastions bears the name of a saint. The two westward bastions are named São Diego(after Didacus of Alcalá) and São Francisco (after Francis of Assisi). The others are São Pedro, São Inácio, and São Filipe.
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